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Karen has a gift for this work. She combines deep intuitive faculties with a clear attunement to the energies of the physical body. Karen is a sensitive practitioner. She has helped me in my healing process enormously.
I travel regularly one hour and forty minutes each way in order to have a session with Karen, and it is well worth it. Karen is truly gifted; not only does she work on relieving the pain in my joints, but she heals my whole body. I always come out feeling lighter, more energetic, better focused, and sleeping much better than before.
I felt a vibration, which confirmed my belief in auras during the session. I feel Karen has a powerful gift for healing.
Karen’s approach balances mind, body, and spirit, in such a way that I experience an uplifting of clarity, energy and awareness. I am free of physical limitations for the first time in 25 years; free to celebrate the beauty all about.

Karen has been a genuine friend to the BrightHaven animals for some time and I cannot speak highly enough of her work.
 Over time I have developed a deep respect and admiration for Karenís understandingand reverence for the human/animal bond and to watch her working with our animals only serves to underline my sentiments.
 Karen not only reveres the animals who cross her path as her true teachers, but she has the gift of being in the moment with her patients to allow profound healing.
—Gail Pope, President and Founder
BrightHaven Animal Sanctuary & Hospice

My 12 year old Labrador Retriever had begun to experience weakness in her rear legs and general arthritis pain. It was getting harder and harder for her to make it on our short walks.
  A friend suggested that I call Karen, and I am so grateful to have made the connection. The results have been absolutely astounding. In addition to an increase in her overall strength, my dog's coat is thick and beautiful and her energy level has dramatically improved.
 My dog LOVES it when Karen shows up at the house for a session! She races over and lays right down, in anticipation of Karen's healing hands touching her. Karen has such a wonderful oneness with animals. My dog falls into a deep, relaxed state during each session, apparently entering some zone of complete comfort.  I can highly recommend Karen to anyone who is concerned about their dog’s well being.  I can guarantee you’ll make your dog very happy.

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