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Certified in Human, Equine and
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Karen Shaw, Certified Acupressure, and Shaman

West on the Wheel combines the Five Elements of Chinese Medical Tradition with Native American Traditions to create a truly global approach to healing. An expanded explanation is on the Philosophy page.

Healing is what occurs when we allow our full experience of life without reservation or judgment. Healing is about movement: the flow of Chi through our bodies; the flow from one experience to another, one emotion to another. Healing is the felt sense of Spirit, deep within ourselves. As we heal ourselves, we profoundly affect our relationships with those around us, our community and the planet.

Acupressure is a hands-on technique which focuses on the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through each meridian or pathway flows vital Chi. Chi is the life force energy, which creates and maintains all living forms. Each meridian has various points that, when held, affect the movement of Chi through the meridians. When Chi flows freely, we feel relaxed, yet energized and the body moves more easily toward balance and health.

Acupressure is a tool to assist the Body, Mind, and Spirit to clear and release on levels that are not reached through alternative, non–hands–on therapies.

Mission Statement: To the best of my ability, being calm in center, open and gentle in heart, hold the space to allow the vast, powerful, gentle, healing modality of Acupressure to flow through me to others, two-legged and four-legged, bringing balance, integrity, harmony and oneness to our relationship with Mother Earth, ourselves and all our relations.


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